27 Oct, 2014 GO TIGERS

Burn Treatment is happy to announce that The McNally High School, "Kids helping Kids" 24 hour Bike-a-thon, was a huge success. For 2014 over 300 student peddled they way to help raise over $27,000 in support of The Alberta Fire Fighters' Burn Camp. With a total of over $50,000 supporting local children's charities. Thank you McNally Students you are truly "Nothing but the best".

25 Sep, 2014 I.Mckee

DEADmonton Haunted House in support of Burn Treatment. Join us October 3rd.

The Williams family has resided on the same farmland with a pumpkin patch for over 100 years. They supplied all the nearby towns and residents with pumpkins for their Halloween festivities. People would describe the Williams family as a quiet, friendly family. They had an open door policy and warm apple pie for anyone who paid them a visit.

In 1942, a flood hit the family farm destroying all the pumpkins which left the Williams family in dire needs for months to come. The financial impact was so tough on the family that they secluded themselves from the outside world. They became outcasts to their friends and neighbours. After the flood, there was a harsh winter which caused the family to be hit even harder with bad luck. It was the coldest winter on record which proved to be too much for Farmer Williams. He left one morning to feed the horses – both him and his herd were never seen again.

With no one to provide for the family or upkeep the farm, everything fell apart at the seams. Tools rusted, the farm was chaos and there wasn’t any corn on the table for the kids.

Rumours in the town were rampant. It was said that anyone who attempted to visit the farm never returned. It’s been years, but if you stop and listen closely you can still hear the screams from the farm along with kids playing and horses walking.

To this day no one has had to courage to make the trek to the Williams farm in fear of what might happen. DO YOU?

Visit www.deadmonton.ca for information and tickets.

19 Apr, 2014 Exec. Board

 We are pleased to announce that for 2013 we are donating $300,000 to The Burn Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital.

The Firefighters Burn Treatment Society, Edmonton Chapter, is managed  by firefighters who volunteer their time to support this wonderful charity. As with all other non-profit organizations we are facing an ever-increasing demand on limited resources. Even with these challenges, 2013 was a successful year for Burn Treatment. We focused on building our long standing relationships with individuals and local businesses. We also looked at enhancing our successful community events. With growth in these areas our support from Albertians increased and we are pleased to announce that for 2013 we are donating $300,000 to The Burn Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital. Bringing our total to $10.1 million donated since 1977. We can not thank you enough for your support. Without you, we could not continue to support all the wonderful programs that make a marked difference in the lives of so many burn survivors.

22 Nov, 2012 Ian Mckee

It has come to our attention that a group that calls itself “Burn Victims Aid Society” (BVAS) or "Burn Survivors Aid Society" is contacting businesses across Canada with a fundraising scheme involving coin operated breathalyzers or prize machines. They claim to “work with the local burn unit and firefighters”.

BVAS is not associated in any way with Edmonton or surrounding area Firefighters, The Firefighters Burn Treatment Society, The Alberta Fire Fighters Burn Camp or The Firefighters Burn Treatment Unit at The University of Alberta Hospital.  On October 26, Fire Chief Tony Delmonico of the Coquitlam Fire/Rescue, in response to this group making calls in his community, issued a press release which says in part: We do not condone or support or are in any way associated with this company or the cause that they claim they are representing, namely “Burn Victims Aid Society". He went further to say, if you are approached by someone and you feel their actions are suspicious, you are encouraged to contact the RCMP"

On Dec. 12, we were made aware of a complaint through The St. Albert Fire Department about a prize machine in Socraties Restaurant, St. Albert. The complaint was made because a child won the "Grand Prize" that directed him to enter a web site address to claim the prize. This child was directed to an inappropriate website. The St. Albert Fire Department and our Society has spoken with Soccraties Management about BVAS and our non association with their organization. The coin machine is being removed and the RCMP have been contacted.

Please ensure you know where your donation dollars are going. We encourage you to contact The Firefighters Burn Treatment Society directly to discuss any donations or fund raising endeavours. If you see a coin operated breathalyzer with "Burn Victims Aid Society" or any reference to Firefighters, Burn Foundation or Burn Unit in an establishment, please email us including the name and address of the business.

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